For those of you who came to this page hoping to find a kindred soul with whom you could share the experience of buying that crisp, new LEGO set and placing it on a shelf to reman crisp and new until such time as your great-great-great-grandchildren finally wrangle it away from the trust you created to keep it pristine, I am afraid you are out of luck. I believe that LEGO should not only be assembled and played with, but also then disassembled and reworked constantly. But I am sure you can find someone to share your love of collecting on the LEGO newsgroup.

If you love the feel of unopened shrinkwrap, or just have a weak stomach when it comes to toys, do not read any further. What I do to LEGO Minifigs involves not only the simple trading of head, hands, or bottom halves, but also the more advanced vivisection techniques of arms and legs, as well as utilizing knives, sandpaper, and paint. You have been warned.

I promise not to sic the ASPCL on you.

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