Super Tarot!

Back in the Golden Age of Usenet, when the comics heirarchy was little more then rec.arts.comics, a poster by the name of Dave Van Domelen shared his ideas for a Tarot deck based upon superhero archetypes. At the time I was intrigued, but had not yet begun my full exploration of esoterica, nor was I running a Champions game, for which the Tarot had been designed, so I didn't keep a copy. (Mr. Van Domelen has since posted a new version to his web page, so none of you will have to sit up nights wondering what might have been.)

Years passed, and DC themselves released a Tarot deck based on their characters. But this would be a major disappoinment on two levels: Since it was released under the Vertigo imprint, only DC's already esoteric and mystical characters were included, and while Dave McKean's art did try to apply to these characters, Rachel Pollack's descriptions did little to address their comic book origins. Which is apparently what DC wanted, but not what they implied, and it left me completely unfulfilled.

More years passed, and I found myself settled in Minnesota. Which to my surprise was not the frozen hinterlands I had been led to believe, and even included a thriving comic community. Starting with a few minor contacts (and more than a few $20 bills), I have finally been able to bring to reality my dream of a true Super Hero Tarot, a Tarot sharing equally in esoteric imagery and four-color iconography.

Of course, since I lack a significant advantage of Ms. Pollack - the blessings of the copyright holder - "reality" is a relative term. But I hope that this web page will inspire others to explore the modern myths that we call comics, just as Mr. Van Domelen's post did for me all those years ago.

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